Mike McLatchey 18-September-2002 Lumiere de la Nuit

Charles Kaczynski is a musician who worked prevalently in Quebec's late 70s scene including a guest stint in the band Conventum. He recorded one solo album at the time, entitled Lumiere de la Nuit or Light of the Night in its English version (the only difference between the two being the translation of the title). Kaczynski's album has long been considered a collector's item for fans of Canadian progressive music and it's quite deserved. A delicate, rich work, Lumiere de la Nuit reveals its charms through its thoughtful arrangements and true juxtaposing of chamber classical and symphonic elements, an effort probably only rivaled in beauty by L'Engoulevent's sole album. Instrumentally this is a very rich piece, with loads of strings (the back cover shows Kaczynski playing violin), winds and vocals. I'd be hard pressed to call this a symphonic rock album, however, as it really never does move over from a chamber type setting to a band mode with the only dominant percussion being tympani accompaniment and the like. About the only non-symphonic/chamber classical elements that are brought in are some touches of folk on the second side. Mostly what you get is a layered, multi-part symphony with a slight melancholy atmosphere and lots of string solos and thoughtful arrangements. Lumiere de la Nuit is one of the highlights of Quebec's excellent 70s music history.

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