Mike McLatchey 18-September-2002 It's My Head

The bizarrely named It's My Head recorded their self-titled album in the late 80s, a rather sparse time for experimental music of this nature. The band is basically Steve Hubback and Jorgen Cremonese, both of who play guitars, keyboards and more. This is music of a very idiosyncratic nature and likewise difficult to describe. I detect a lot of the electronic waves and sustained guitars that you might find on a Richard Pinhas or Heldon album on one piece only to move onto another and find awry percussion rattling until once again an industrial atmosphere sets up a number of effected guitar sounds in a completely different mode. In fact, the duo's strength is the way the fuse their heavy atmospheres together with an elusive melodic structure, a balancing act that provides for great sublimity. The use of percussion is quite prevalent, including moments of bells, gongs, and various other hittable objects that I can't describe. This aspect of the music tends to bring an almost esoteric solemnity to the proceedings, a quality that is unusual when juxtaposed with the industial atmospheres and is really the only remaining quality left as the last piece moves slowly into incorporeal realms. Fascinating and hypnotic this is, an album to which the term "progressive" aptly applies.

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