Mike McLatchey 26-August-2002 Se Allous Kosmous (In Other Worlds)

Iraklis were one of the few Greek rock groups of the 70s to adopt progressive influences, although they tend to be few and far between. Se Allous Kosmous was a double LP released in 1976 which portrayed a symphonic/classical rock infused with traditional influences. The instrumentation is expansive, from the choir of male and female voices to the orchestral shadings of strings and horns to the typical rock instrumentation of drums, bass and keys and on to a number of traditional instruments. Musically, Iraklis are all over the map, including grandiose symphonic rock, a piano solo, what sound like rockified traditionals (think of a cross between Kolinda and Gualberto here), operatic choirs, soft and medieval tinged folk (Anacrusa here) and just about any combination thereof. It's obvious that Aphrodite's Child's 666 was a major influence here, and while similarly lacking cohesion, it doesn't quite have the same impressive moments either. Probably the closest analog to what Iraklis were doing here would be Los Jaivas' Obras de Violeta Parra or perhaps their work with an orchestra. It's suprising how many different kinds of music can be numbered here, although it certainly can be said that Iraklis may have bitten off more than it could collectively chew.

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