Tom Hayes 28-April-2001 Too Short a Season

Imperium - Too Short a Season

Albums like this are a dime a dozen today but, for 1993, Imperium's sole album stood out amongst the progressive metal crowd. Sure, there's the James LaBrie like vocals, rapid fire changes of tempo and occasional hair-band-arena moves. However, the main difference between Imperium and bands such as Dream Theater is that Imperium are more heavy and aggressive and feature a unique thick scratchy guitar tone unlike any I've heard. At times, Imperium are closer to the progressive thrash of Helstar and Iced Earth than the over-sophisticated pop metal of Queensryche. And Imperium pack a few more ideas per ten measures than your garden variety prog metal act. In the end, I suppose, this is a time and place album for me. Having heard them before every garage band aspired to be the next D.T., Imperium demonstrated their worth with countless listens. Recommended to those who like a more raw and energetic prog metal without commercial trappings. Be sure to listen from an historical perspective.

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