Tom Hayes 29-Jul-2006 Live on the Rox

An amazing artifact from another time and place. We’re talking Lubbock 1979, roughnecks and longnecks, spur cut - sawdust floors. Uh Johnny, I wouldn’t lose sight of that Lone Star can, could contain Billy Joe’s Happy Days spittle. A cowboy crowd too wasted and pissed off to know that destiny has them strapped to a mechanical bull while supposedly enjoying some George Strait. No sir Mr. Urban Cowboy, not here, not now. Rather have some badass hard rock and roll, which incidentally Marshall stacks nicely with their Midwest brethren in places like Michigan and Ohio. Album cover even says “Disco Sux”. Disagree? Wanna take your beef to the parking lot? Hell, let’s just fight anyway. Guitarist Darren Welch absolutely shreds (riffs, solos) on this monster of underground rock. Vocalist Don Allison selected Geddy Lee circa Fly By Night to obtain just the right high pitch, to soar over the hoots and hollers of this rodeo crowd. There’s even an intelligent break or two to add to the Rush metaphor. One track is even called “Lizzy”, so now you know. Bored tonight? Join Willie, Danny and me while we head to The Rox and check out some tight jeans on the sexy West Texas mamas and we’ll buy another round for our boys in Impeccable. See the hazy smoke and smell the broken beer bottles. For tomorrow is another day at the cotton mill.

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