Eddie Lascu 29-Aug-2007 1/f

Coming from Leeds, UK, Immune was formed in 2002 and had an EP released in 2004 and called "Elek". "1/f" is their first full-length album and was released on May 15th of 2006. Stylistically, the music can be described as a mix of Sigur Ros' eerie landscapes, Tool's aggressiveness, Muse's rebellion and Massive Attack's techno-electronic rhythms. I listed several bands and I hardly scratched the surface describing these guys. I could throw in the mix Radiohead, Pure Reason Revolution, Porcupine Tree and Brainiac and still be off by a rather large margin. Immune has its own identity and their effort may well be one of the best representative of independent music, unattached and un-phased, full of passionate depths.

Dark, murky, introspective, mysterious at times, the album almost sounds different every time you re-listen. I just couldn't remember what was going on when I subsequently played it again and again. This is what Porcupine Tree would sound if they were to start all over again, although, it must be said, I find more diversity on "1/f" than on early PTree works.

There are vocals on almost every track, but there are also instrumental passages that are bound to please everyone. The album was heavily promoted in Mars Volta circles and I can see where that's coming from.

This record is for all those who seem to have lost hope in the resurrection of good music. It will get plenty of play time around my household.

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