Sjef Oellers 18-March-2001 Camino del Aguila

Camino del Aquila is rather lightweight fusiony prog. There are some inspired moments that remind of Mezquita, but those parts are far too short. The guitar playing reminds mostly of Al di Meola and Carlos Santana, while the keyboard playing is probably closest to Mezquita and Crack. Especially on the compositional side, I found this album rather thin and there are several parts where the arrangements are downright cheesy.

Mike McLatchey 13-April-2001 Camino del Aguila

Iman Califato Independiente - Camino del Aguila (Musea FGBG 4109.AR, 1980/1994, CD)

Here's another gem in the hidden treasure trove of Spanish progressive rock. Musea did well to release this as it should appeal to just about anyone who has found enjoyment in groups like Triana, Granada, Ibio, Iceberg, Guadalquivir, Bloque or Cai. Iman straddle both the symphonic and jazzy sides with ease, resulting in a much different album than the barely diluted symphonic rock sound of their debut. There are four cuts (two long and two short of varied styles), from the dodgy borderline muzak beginning of the long opening track (reminds me of a theme to a cheesy 70's cop show) that somehow mutates into a dark Spanish/Crimson like jam and back again; through an incredibly fiery Latin tinged instrumental that would have fit neatly on Santana's Caravanserai album; to a moody acoustic piece (and the only one with vocals) similar to the more melancholic moments of Pablo "El Enterrador". While I'd be hard-pressed to label this a classic, if you are into european jazz or prog rock in the French/Italian/Spanish vein I would definitely say this is worth checking out, there are some really nice highs on this one.

(Originally published in Exposť #4, p. 23, Edited for Gnosis 4/8/01)

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