Sjef Oellers 19-Jan-2001 Ikarus

A German one-shot band from the early 70's that played in the typical German rock fusion style similar to Virus, Out of Focus, or maybe 2066 and Then. The album consists of four long tracks with emphasis on guitar and organ interplay, but the use of flute, saxophone and clarinet adds more color to their compositions. Vocals are fine, even if slightly accented. The lyrics may be a little too moralistic for some listeners, although I don't have a problem with them. The first two tracks are comparable in sound to the German bands I mentioned above. The third track "The Raven" starts with an excellent, quirky Zappa-esque riff and ventures then into jazz rock territory (with vague similarities to Zappa, Nucleus and the Out of Focus album Four Letter Monday Afternoon), but about halfway gets more spacey and experimental, before descending back to earth via a airy passage of mellow progressive. A great, varied track. The last track "Early Bell's Voice" is a bit more spacey and ends with an eerie, psychedelic vibe due to the manipulated organ sound. A solid, but not essential album.

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