Sjef Oellers 18-Oct-2006 I.D. Company

This album could be considered as two EPs with completely different music. The original LP featured a different female vocalist on each LP side. The more accessible first half features Inga Rumpf, who soon would become the lead vocalist in Frumpy. It's a mix of soul, psychedelic music, some ethnic elements, a bit of jazz, and above all the brooding voodoo music of Dr. John's first albums, all adding up to a nice exotic stew. These three tracks may sound rather dated today, but it is nevertheless enjoyable music for its eclectic combination of styles and several surprising twists.

The second side puts the spotlight on Dagmar Krause, vox extraordinaire in the future band Slapp Happy. This is a more demanding set of avantgarde music. Krause's operatic voice is often processed and mutated with electronic devices which makes her sound quite scary. On the first track, "He's Out Now", her voice is accompanied by slowly meandering jazz music with a few short flute and saxophone solos. On "Dünne, Gläserne Frauen", the music moves into free jazz realms which enhance the creepiness of Krause's moaning voice on top. Quite weird. Slowly we descend deeper into the dungeon and finally run into the last track, "Schwarzes Insekt" (Black Insect), which features unsettling saxophone outbursts, rumbling percussion, and a few deep growls on bass guitar. Was she thinking of a soundtrack to Kafka's short story "Metamorphosis" of a man who had turned into a horrible, giant insect overnight? Strange, but somehow rather compelling music.

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