Mike McLatchey 18-April-2001 Nico Gianni Frank Maurizio - Canti d'Innocenza, Canti d'Esperienza

After the album UT, the New Trolls split into two groups, Vittorio De Scalzi continuing as the New Trolls Atomic System and Nico Di Palo forming this quartet who would become Ibis and release two albums. Two forces are at work in this band's music; on one hand, the influence of Led Zeppelin can be heard, particularly in the vocals and guitarwork of Di Palo, on the other there is a strong move to keyboard-led progressive rock due largely to Maurizio Salvi's Emerson-like organ work. The music portrays this interesting contrast. "Signora Carolina," for instance, has a very Page-like guitar ballad type of progression before its changing phases bring some organ riffing to the fore. "L'Amico della Porta Accanto" has as its base a bluesy riff, and like much of the album, is laden with the heavily falsetto harmonies that one would associate with the New Trolls of Concerto Grosso Per 1. As an album, there are some impressive moments, but the overall effort does not gel. This would have to wait until the band would release their next album, Sun Supreme, one of Italy's finest progressive rock achievements. Nico Gianni Frank and Maurizio provided an interesting, but uneven prelude to this.

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