Mike McLatchey 18-September-2002 Hypnose - A basic argument treated by different composers

Here is an album where it is almost hard to tell who it is by and what it's called. Hypnose could be the group or the album title, while A Basic Argument Treated by Different Composers at least gives us the aim of the piece, although vaguely described. Evidently this was a commissioned library piece recorded by several musicians, most notably Ted Lasry, Jannick Top and Jacques Thollot, the first two, of course, being musicians of the Magma family. It's not really a Zeuhl work, but a more composed sort of soundtrack type of thing with fusion tinges. The first side of the album is split compositionally between G. Levecque/Teddy Lasry and Jannick Top and consists mostly of the two part "Theme Narcose" and the four part "Theme Hypnose." It really does one no good to understand that both terms refer to sleeping, especially when a good portion of the music is quite accurate in approximating such. At its best, the music does have some similarities to the East European jazz-rock approach of Zao, but mostly the comparison is just wishful thinking. The second side is different in that all but one of the compositions has a different author. The methods are generally the same with the excellent musicianship held back by the rather dull compositions. Keep in mind, this was a library release and thus had a completely different reason for being than the usual album for mass consumption. I have no idea what they ended up doing with this, but without any further context, it's hard to call this anymore than an occasionally impressive curiosity.

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