Sjef Oellers 10-March-2001 Tus Oidos Mienten & s/t

Humus is a Mexican band who released several albums of guitar-oriented progressive rock. I have heard two albums so far. Tus Oidos Mienten, from 1993, is a promising, if somewhat immature album. It already features their signature sound of eerie, brooding guitar instrumentals, but the band still sounds rather shy and immature over the course of the whole album. Their self-titled album from 1994 is much more aggressive. The music is drenched in inventive guitar playing, either in a blistering heavy rock style or in a trippy acid-drenched style. Occasionally they even get down to a muddy grunge groove with heavy, lumbering bass. There are vague similarities (as diverse as they are) to the following bands: Caja de Pandora, Loch Ness, High Fidelity Orchestra and the Scandinavian bands Myrbein and Circle. Additionally, there are definitely stoner/grunge rock and (neo)-psychedelic elements in their sound as well. A great album. I found this Mexican band an interesting diversion from more common prog pathways. Recommended if you are looking for (heavy) guitar-oriented progressive.

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