Mike McLatchey 30-September-2002 Stoyz Vi Dozeveloy (aka En Quete d'un Monde Meilleur..)

Stoyz di Dozévéloy was a French title that came out at the end of the 70s and was an album long in demand from collectors of Zeuhl music until Musea reissued the album in remixed form with bonus tracks as En Quete d'un Monde Meilleur... The original album was a short one, consisting only of two long tracks, one at 11 1/2 minutes, the other at just over 14. It's testament to the overall dearth of Zeuhl music that this would be labeled so as it's mostly a fusion between symphonic rock and a Zao-like jazz rock with very little overt Magma touches at all. What there is of Magma is mostly in the bass playing, electric piano and the occasional compositional nods, although the latter are probably more similar to Magma offshoots like Weidorje or solo albums like that of Benoit Widemann and Jean-Philippe Goude. I was actually pretty disappointed when I first got to hear this as its reputation was quite inflated. The compositions are not all that strong, particularly on "Duel a la Vie" which has a certain song structure at the beginning but dissolves into rambling for most of the piece. "Terres de Sagesse" seems to be a bit more subtle, but after several listens to the piece, I'd still find it both difficult to describe and difficult to pick out anything memorable. There are about 15 minutes or so added to the original release to make up the CD and these aren't even quite as impressive as the original album, including one live track (which is not much more than a vocal piece with electric piano accompaniment), an "impro" (which by the sound of this may not mean improvisation) and a couple of very small pieces. Perhaps one day I will bring this out again only to breakthrough to some sort of epiphany, but I'm not going to bet on it.

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