Ludwig Dube 28-Jan-2009 Heavy Water Experiments

Funny task to pin down an appropriate tag for those freaks (stated positively, that is) !

(Softly)-Stoney-post grunge-psych-rock ?
Proggy-space-pop with haunting vocal harmonies ?
A surprisingly effective mix of vintage and modern sounds ?
All of the above ? Well, why not, after all !

Most of the 12 songs are driven by a core of acid guitar and some very nice electric piano work, fronted by a very capable rhytmic section. Thanks to studio wizardry, they actually sound like a full band, even if all the instruments are played by only two guys : David Melbye (vocals, guitars, basses et keys) and Robert Salguero (percussives) Grunge influences appears in the mix, so does very nice effects-laden guitar sounds and some fine vocal harmonizing.

The spectrum of moods covered range between haunting, dreamy, cyclic and atmospheric. Those guys prefers song format to long jams or power soloing. Some funny nods here and there : the vocals on « Otherland » reminds George Harrison’s Blue Jay Way while « Octavian » sounds like a psych avatar of Edge of twilight-era Tea Party.

Quite good nightime music, that is ! Frankly recommended for lovers of West-coast psych sound or to anyone with a positive inclination toward genuine "alternative prog" (given that such a beast may exist!)

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