Dogan Yerlikaya 19-Feb-2009 Lost Nowhere

A Turkish progressive band with traditional influences. They took their name from a Turkish scientist (Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi), who flew from Galata Tower and passed through the Bosphorus, with the wings that he had invented. Although the band formed in 1998, they released their debut and only album in 2003 called Lost Nowhere. They have a very unique sound with violin, guitar, and vocal combination. Highly influenced by Turkish oriental and sufi music with taksim solos (a kind of an improvisational solo which is made with just a single instrument with highly eastern touches in Turkish classic music). Sometimes strong female vocals makes a dreamy feeling which gets more effective with agressive guitar solos. But generally the guitar riffs remind me Roman Bunka's style. Very different kinds of genres might be considered here. A bit of everything but surely unique. Sometimes the music gets close to prog metal but does not stay there for long. Generally these creative guys made a very unique and innovative music, which should be checked out by prog music lovers. Especially eastern flavour addicts.

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