Tom Hayes 18-Jan-2001 Gualberto At a Glance

Gualberto was the guitarist for rock and rollers / pop artists Smash in the early 70's. Hard to imagine such a creative mind content playing easy rock music like Smash did.

On his first solo effort, A La Vida al Dolor, it appears Gualberto was unsure what to do with his newfound freedom. The compositions are a mixed bag of Spanish folk, rock and roll similar to Smash and some original progressive music. It's too varied, patchy and unfocused for my tastes.

Vericuetos, on the other hand, is yet another Spanish progressive classic. Borrowing heavily from the music of India and Spain, Gualaberto incorporates these sounds with a classic Anglo progressive perspective for a truly unique blend. Gualberto plays with a unique and soulful style and also plays the sitar this time around. A must discovery. Vinyl collectors should note that the original gatefold cover of this album is well worth seeking out.

I should say it's been a long while since I heard his other efforts and will refrain from comment until I hear them again.

Sjef Oellers 9-March-2001 Vericuetos

Original and elegant Spanish prog with an Italian flavour (PFM, RDM, etc.). The frequent use of violin brings especially the Italian band Quella Vecchia Locanda to my mind. The album is mainly in the classical and symphonic progressive style, but the occasional use of Arabic tone scales and sitar (or processed guitar sounding like a sitar) give an exotic touch here and there. Overall a great album well worth exploring.

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