Tom Hayes 18-Jan-2001 Guadalquivir At a Glance

Guadalquiver were another band formed during Spain's peak year of 1978.

Guadalquiver's self-titled debut approaches music similar to that of bands like Iceberg in that it combines fusion styles (for example Return to Forever) and adds indigenous Castillan Spanish themes. The final concoction is excellent and everyone should taste the flavor of Spain like this. A definite must listen! Note for LP collectors: The original LP was pressed on green vinyl!

Their second, Camino del Concierto, is a development on the debut ? though with an obvious attempt to be more accepted by a wider audience. The music is more playful and breezy and quite a bit less edgy. A couple of highlights are the flute work and one track that reminds me somewhat of Rush's 'La Villa Strangiato'.

Sjef Oellers 9-March-2001 Guadalquivir

Solid fusion, a bit on the slick side sometimes, but well done. Just like the Spanish fusion band Iman, Guadalquivir sound somewhat restrained and too much in control at times.

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