Tom Hayes 18-Jan-2001 Grupo N.H.U.

1978 was Spain's boom year in terms of progressive rock music, and Grupo N.H.U. met the challenge head on. One of the finest from the Spanish progressive scene, Grupo N.H.U. contains everything that made the Spanish scene so special. Strong compositions marked by many changes. Fat keyboards, loud acid guitar, and a complex, exciting rhythm section make up the centerpiece of the group. An excellent vocalist and a strong fusion edge a la Mahavishu Orchestra rounds out one of the true bona fide classics of the Spanish scene. An absolute must hear.

One of the great tragedies however is that Grupo N.H.U., along with Atila's Reviure, missed out on the Spanish reissue trend of the last ten years. Only available as an original on the Novola label, expect to shell out some $$$ for this. At least it's a very nice gatefold cover! One of the greatest progressive albums still not on CD.

Good news: Grupo N.H.U.'s album has just been issued (under the moniker of just N.H.U.) on CD by parent label RCA.

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