Tom Hayes 18-Jan-2001 Grovjobb at a Glance

Many bands from the 90s try hard to sound like they're from the 70s. And most succeed to some point. But deep down you still know that it is from the 90s. And that includes the most famous 90's band, fellow Swedes Anglagard. But with Grovjobb, deep down, it really could be 1972. Flute/guitar/bass/drums and all instrumental. On their debut, Landet Leverpastej, Grovjobb basically take the Kebnekaise motif of combining Swedish folk with a spoonful of psychedelia. Flute is the lead instrument with the guitar providing nice complement and the occasional raging solo. All unique compositions too. A beautiful album.

If it's possible, Grojoibb have surpassed their impressive debut on the followup Vattarnas Fest. Give Grovjobb credit for knowing exactly why they are successful. No attempts at modernization, no drastic paradigm shifts. Nope, Grovjobb just go about making music as if Times Square stood still on Jan 1, 1973. While the albums opens with flute on "Visa Fran Arendal", the electric guitar is clearly the primary instrument this go round. There is also the nice addition of violin on "Ganglat". Best of all, the 19 minute title track has a very trippy opening sitar solo.

This band is going completely unnoticed and that's almost criminal. Imagine a band from the Northside stable going completely psychedelic and you have an idea of their overall sound. Grovjobb are a true hidden gem from the current crop of Swedish progressive bands. Don't miss a chance to hear these albums!

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