Mike McLatchey 15-August-2002 Changing Skies

Greinke operates in a number of styles related to electronic, ambient and beyond, although it's his strongly Hassell & Eno influenced, "fourth world" blends that stand out when thinking of the musician's work. Changing Skies is one of the albums that features this past/future merging, originally released on Multimood in 1990. The album contains 12 tracks, ranging from the very Hassell-like "In a Thicket" at just over three minutes to two pieces that chart a ways over six. Greinke works wonders, blending in percussion, electronics, field recordings and more, and creates a variety of moods. "Moon Over Mars" features drones, tibetan bell-like sounds, and what sound like recordings of "dogs" barking in the background. "Into Light" is gentle, ambient and poignant. "On a Bat" also resonates of the fourth world with an insistent percussion rhythm backed by strange vocals. Towards the end of the CD, the moods turn to pure, spacious ambience, ending with the lovely "Clouds Across Ngadisari." Greinke aptly demonstrates fluency in all the varied moods displayed here, on what is one of the finest pieces of his catalog.

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