Bogdan Corai 20-March-2007 Fuchsia

Many English bands tried to blend folk music with progressive rock with various degrees of success. Most of these relied on old, traditional themes with elements of progressive rock being added to produce the desired effect. FUCHSIA is quite different as there are almost no traditional influences at all. Take a whimsical, eerie, gentle folk theme, with acoustic guitar and soft voices, both male a female, throw in cello, harpsichord, and then run it through a fiery electric guitar along with a solid rhythm section and you have FUCHSIA. The music is sublime, the melodies are gorgeous and the playing is top notch. There is something magical about the music; you could almost feel transported in medieval times, with knights in armors, and dragons and the inevitable beautiful princess dressed in a white gown and held captive, waiting for her savior. Their lyrics were inspired by the surrealist English artist MERVYN PEAKE, hence the whimsical, magical atmosphere the album exhales. Sheer Beauty!

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