Mike McLatchey 19-March-2001 Foglie di Vetro

Italian newcomer Foglie di Vetro have all the marks of an amateur prog group. Their compositions are little more than simple, barely fleshed out, three to five chord sequences, and the instrumentalists show a lack of technique, wringing out only the essentials from the compositions. The results seem close to some mid-70's Pink Floyd, although the music is not nearly as refined or professional, and the Italian vocals, naturally, help to ground this closer to home.The guitar solos are particularly treacherous, off notes are too abundant and the tones muddy up the poor technique. I'd classify this outing in the same field as Paint Box or Malombra, groups who recorded debuts a bit too early perhaps. Anyway, there are too many excellent modern Italian progressives to make this worth paying attention. File under better luck next time.

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