Sjef Oellers 17-Mar-2001 Imaginations of Light/Hallo Rabbit

Imaginations of Light contains four long tracks of trancey ethnic folk with similarities to bands such as Dom, Third Ear Band and Aktuala. Sitar, acoustic guitar and various flutes determine their sound. The title track is a droning, raga-like track, while "Thoughts" and "Resting Thinking About Time" are more jazzy. Delicate, trippy music for a late night vigil. The jazz-influenced guitar playing reminds me a bit of Lee Underwood, the guitarist of Tim Buckley's band.

Hallo Rabbit shows a shift to a more "earthy," aggressive style with shorter, more melodic songs, but lacks the magical, trippy character of Imaginations of Light. Vocals and electric guitar can be heard more often on this album. Well done, but this album is much more in a straight folk and singer/songwriter direction.

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