Richard Poulin 3-April-2008 Fat City Reprise

Nick Anastasi: Lead Guitar
Frankie Pedano: Vocals, Piano
Tom Perko: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Vivas: Bass, Vocals

Rock & Roll is not dead. It just smells stale beer and cheap grass. And it is so jealous of this second Golden Age of progressive music that is rising in this early part of the 21st century, especially in the USA , that it is sticking prog labels on its buttocks to get more attention after having sold all it could sell to its usual crowd of hard-working buddies who just want to .... what else? .... rock & roll, of course!!! So here is this excellent quatuor from Philadelphia who has the only pretension of playing clean, energetic, virtuosic rock & roll (but without ostentation) of the boogie type, with funky edges. And then you will read that they even use elements from jazz - but FCR is as jazzy as Kenny G. will ever get and progressive rock if Johnny Winter is progressive to you. As compared with FCR, Mountain could be considered as playing a form of rock as complex as Ornette Coleman's music. But it sure beats the Rolling Stones at their own game now. No, the Stones can't compete anymore on the grounds of pure R&R with contenders such as FCR.

All right. R&R is not my thing, but I'm objective enough to tell that these guys have an ear and know their instruments and they deliver their stuff with an infectious energy. This is singalong, carefree, beer-drinking, fun music. If you can withstand the type of raspy boogie singing that belongs to the end of the '60s but old gizzards still remember, you see.... I recommend this to anyone with an interest for the purest form of boogie/funky R&R. The chaps rock their balls out for you, and the world is a fun place to be with Fat City Reprise. So leave your troubles at home, open up a bottle of Miller, and forget about prog! FCR is taking up the world. Don't look for complexity or meter changes. This goes in inches, feet, yards and miles, but no meters.

And you wonder why you happened to read this here.... This is as democratic a place as you will ever find. Don't get me wrong: this is essential to any good rock collection that includes music for all the moods one can go through during one's life. One must have music for every occasion, especially if you organize parties for your own teenagers

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