Ludwig Dube 19-Feb-2009 Mémoires Incubusiennes

It took quite a while for this music to finally earn some recognition but at least, justice has been done.

In the mid 1970’s, Excubus (then nammed Incubus, but the name has been changed for this CD reissue, due to a slight overuse of this name!) got the chance to fly to France to flirt with the « big sound » in Chateau d'Herouville, recording 4 tracks there, albums cuts # 1-4. Sadly, the promising project apparently failed to reach the right ears (surprising thing for 1974, given the hype of prog in Quebec back then, but the majors have proved several times their modular incomptence towards the marketing of challenging music) and it’s been shelved afterwards. The band itself almost dissapeared from memories… At least until 2007, when the original band reformed to record 4 more of their original songs and finally complete the album.

What we’ve got here is tasty, beefy, 95% instrumental, dark doomy prog, with an Emerson-meets-King Crimson classical edge. (Ex)Incubus' sound is a very distinct production, at least when compared to other Quebec ’s prog bands of the era. To my ears, it's maybe the heaviest symphonic prog offering from Quebec . Some nice Mellotron textures enlight the original tracks, especially in "Teeth", which is quite a strong work ! While the recently recorded sound is a bit « cleaner » (and introduce some sparse vocals) the spirit of the vintage stuff is preserved, enlighted by extensive Hammond use.

What a shame that those guys haven't got the chance to keep working on and improve their sonic universe. Nonetheless, thumbs up to Prog Quebec for giving back some life to this time capsule.

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