Mike McLatchey 5-September-2002 Energy - s/t

The outpouring of early 70s fusion music from the Miles Davis circle hit just about everywhere in Europe including Sweden. As the 70s progressed, the attention of this fusing of jazz and rock also began to include those stylings prevalent in various European countries, giving way to a number of jazz rock groups with progressive influences such as Germany's Electric Circus, Italy's Perigeo and Spain's Iceberg. It's not a surprise then that the eponymous album by Swedes Energy would sound, at times, like all of these fusion mainstays. The hallmarks are here - rippling, riffing, rhythm sections, bubbling Fender Rhodes, lots of unison guitar/synth lines - all the sorts of traits that the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report popularized in the early 70s. So in a lot of ways Energy could be considered just another fusion group. However, unlike most of their contemporaries, Energy also incorporated vocals occasionally, although their presence on "Metamorphosis/Impressions" seems to be singular. Here, they are generally understated, pulling the music generally in the direction of progressive rock. Per usual for a derivative 70s fusion group, Energy are generally interested in virtuoso displays of complicated riffing, which, of course, will generally only appeal to fans of the sort. Generally, this is solo, solo, solo, but highly competent within that format.

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