Sjef Oellers 13-April-2001 Uomini Umili Popoli Liberi

Overall, this album is a disappointment. The music is basically rock music with some progressive touches: there are some ballads, several rather straight rock songs, and some spacey parts, but the album as a whole can hardly be called progressive rock. Most tracks don't leave a lasting impression. The best (progressive) parts are the instrumental middle part of the 8 minute "Non Voglio Catene" and the spacey instrumental "Ecce Uomo". I usually don't understand the complaints about the harsh Italian vocalists, but this is one of the very few Italian singers that gets on my nerves. He tries much too often to add a dramatic twist to his singing, but he doesn't have the voice for it. The heavier rock songs in particular suffer from his singing. This could be a nice album if you don't have a problem with his voice, but considering all the great 70's Italian prog out there, I would recommend this one only if you're an obsessive collector.

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