Mike McLatchey 25-September-2002 Acid in Wounderland

Ego on the Rocks can be considered an offshoot of Eloy as Eloy musicians Detlev Schmidtchen and Jurgen Rosenthal are basically the entirely of the band, the latter taking up the drumming and the former the vocals, keyboards, guitar and bass. It's basically a pop album whose rarity made something of a legend out of it until it was released on CD with bonus tracks. Surely an 80s child, the only elements remaining from the space rock style of Eloy are the keyboards, as for the most part, this is upbeat pop music with both English and German lyrics. The sound is rather straightforward although it is augmented with lots of samples to make for, at least, what seems like somewhat of a political statement (I'd need better German to be sure). The title, Acid in Wounderland implies a psychedelic edge that is not really evident except accidentally in some of the monophonic synth leads. I can't even cop to being a fan of more than a handful of Eloy albums (such as their magnificent Floating album) and so the idea of a more poppy version of late 70s Eloy doesn't exactly float my boat. There surely is some nice keyboard work here, including a sequencer line here and there, but all of the sounds are drowned out by drum beat after drum beat of little imagination and dance music intention. Throw Nina Hagen, Devo, the Police, Kraftwerk, and late 70s Eloy into a blender and you'd have a pretty good idea of what this is about. It's one you can take off your list.

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