Sjef Oellers 20-March2001 Kalahen

Dragon's music falls mostly in the hard progressive category with a psychy edge (especially the guitar playing) Nevertheless, the album starts with a dreamy flut- led ballad. At the end, some spacey organ adds a psych feel. The vocals are by far their weakest point, which may turn some people off. I think that the vocals are few and far between enough to not really interfere with the mostly instrumental music. For a lack of a better description, Dragon sound to me like a mix of Iron Butterfly, Uriah Heep, Van der Graaf Generator, 70s Italian Art Rock, Subject Esq. and Lagger Blues Machine (the band that eventually became Dragon). The last track, "Kalahen," is an 18 minute piece that sounds a bit like Biglietto per L'Inferno with loads of mellotron. Especially in the second half, there is some great heavy progressive to be heard with great jamming by organ, mellotron and electric guitar. Not a flawless album, but there are great moments throughout.

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