Eddie Lascu 12-November-2008 03 A Trilogy - Part 3

For those following closely the great emergence of progressive metal rock in the last 10-15 years and being intimately familiar with bands like Dream Theatre, Charlie Dominici is almost a household name. For those not in this category, a brief introduction is required.

Charlie Dominici is a New York-born musician who was the lead singer for Dream Theater back in the days (late '80s, to be more precise) when the band was called Majesty. He predates James LaBrie as front man for the famous power band. Being slightly older then the rest of the members, and having a different approach toward the artistic direction of the band, he was let go after the band recorded and released the first album, "When Dream and Day Unite" in 1989. Little is known about his artistic career for the next few years. Apparently he obtained at some point a job as a finance manager in an automotive business and it looked as though music will never play an important role in Dominici's life.

Well all that changed with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Under the profound and emotional influence of the attack, he decided to start writing music again and developed this whole concept of a terrorist cell that is established on North American soil with the sole purpose to kill and destroy, a very compelling story that emphasize the tragedies and horrors of our world, but doesn’t end without giving hope for better days. Dominici has decided to spread out the whole story over three albums. This is the third and final part of a trilogy that started off in 2005 with O3, Part 1, a completely acoustic album where Dominici was playing all instruments. For Parts 2 & 3 he employs a full-blown band and the story of their collaboration is very interesting in itself. The multi-national cast (2 brothers from Switzerland, a keyboard player from Peru but raised in Italy and bass player from Italy) that accompanies Dominici were al members of a band called Sound Vision, a power metal outfit with two releases under their belt. In 2006 Americo Rigoldi, the keyboard player, read on the Internet that Dominici was looking for a band to record the second and third parts of his trilogy. The band decided to send Dominici a copy of their album and the rest is history.

As Dominici explains, this is not to be seen as a continuation of Part 2, despite the fact that the line-up hasn’t changed. Musically, the two albums are somehow similar, but from a lyrical stand point, Dominici tried a new approach. This is how he would describe it in his own words: “Part 3 was done differently than both other parts. I decided I wanted to try something new and it worked as well as I had hoped it would. I waited to write a single word until I began writing the music with the band. The lyrics for Part 3 were not written, they were ‘grown’ like a garden. I separated eight blank word files and wrote the synopsis for each song at the top. I then went to each file as we were completing the music and completed the lyrics. I did it this way so the story had the best chance of being fully completed in the limited amount of time a CD can provide.” (quote taken from the InsideOut website).

The result is impressive, without any doubt. An series of enthralling, long instrumental trucks sprinkled with Dominici’s haunting voice. Listening to him singing, I couldn’t decide whether to compare him with Rob Halford or Peter Hammill. He’s somewhere in between, with the observation that the distance between Halford and Hammill could be the object of quantum physics – I realized that just now, hearing Dominici’s voice. The 4 European instrumentalists are working wonders - they sound like a very well oiled machine - evidence that they have been playing together for quite some time. Heavy riffs, great soundscape textures created by a very gifted keyboard player, all on top of outstanding rhythmic section.

If you are a fan of bands like Stratovarius, Planet X/Derek Sherinian, Symphony X or Liquid Tension Experiment, this high-octane, highly refined power metal album is for you. It will have you headbanging in no time.

Dominici line-up:
Charlie Dominici – Vocals
Brian Maillard – Guitars
Americo Rigoldi - Keyboards
Riccardo “eRIK” Atzeni – Bass Guitar
Yan Maillard – Drums

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