Mike McLatchey 28-April-2001 Objet Non Identifie

An obscure Swiss symphonic progressive who released one album in 1976, Docmec's reliance on string synths makes this sound like it's from quite a bit later. In fact, despite the English vocals and its obvious connection to the Genesis school, this has some close similarities to some French symphonic groups like Pulsar or Carpe Diem, although far more vocally oriented than either group. Also, Docmec's vocals-heavy, Genesis style is a lot like a slightly later and more prolific Swiss group, Flame Dream, although lacking the keyboard virtuosity that made the early albums by that band standouts. As the album progresses, improvements to the palate are made, including a lovely piano and strings piece at the beginning of side two. The production seems to vary considerably as it goes as well, the last piece sounding like a studio rehearsal, a song heavily reminscent of Jethro Tull's "My God." In summary, this is not an album that is likely to seriously impress, although the occasional tonal shift makes it more than worth a listen.

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