Sean McFee 03-November-2001 At-King

I have now listened to the whole thing. Of course, it's terrible. The "best" (as in funniest) track is by far track 1, with the dueling cutlery, silly-ass recitation, "It's DEYSS" (in this silly monster voice), etc. The next few tracks are poppy songs with horrible lyrics, high-pitched and weak vocals, and incredibly primitive drum machines. The final track is the "epic", about someone who seeks to kill the At-King to share his wealth with the people by sneaking into the castle with a hidden dirk (no, not that Dirk) and dressed up as a jester. I won't spoil the ending (who will triumph? JESTER or AT-KING??). If you think that's funny,this track is depicted visually on the album cover in a Mark Wilkinson pastiche that would be better if it were satirical (but boy is it still funny). Musically, the last track is like "Trick of the Tail" crossed with equal parts Spinal Tap and the most melodramatic, ridiculous Fish-era Marillion.

Overall, a worthy purchase. [Informal comments orginally posted on 28-June-2001, reprinted here by permission]

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