Ludwig Dube 16-Mar-2001 Dimension 'M'

From the beginning of the 70's, this is one of the Quebec prog scene's most auspicious albums. Dervieux, who worked previously with several popular names as an arranger and also guested playing keyboards on Contraction's first album, showed all the richness of his talent on this album, sadly his one and only solo experience. But what a tasty one! His keyboards are all over the place, without being brutal by any means. His classical-inflected piano and his deliciously vintage organ sound are absolutely ear-caressing. In addition, all the guest musicians play extremely well all the way through the album. The opening song sums up the spirit of the record, a playful organ-driven percussive jam, warmed by some really nice fiddle work. All instrumental, but nonetheless occasionally enlightened by C. Robichaud's (of Contraction) sublime vocals. It is too bad Dervieux died before he could record something else really. Definitely worth a listen, especially if you like Toubabou's first, Contraction, Fu Man Chu-era Robert Charlebois, and Ville Émard Blues Band.

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