Tom Hayes 29-Sep-2006 Antico Teatro da Camera

Gianni D’Errico’s sole LP (though he released many pop oriented singles) can be succinctly described as a progressive oriented singer songwriter album. All of the 10 songs are under 5 minutes in length, and generally feature Gianni’s soft vocals fronting an acoustic backdrop. There’s a vibe of melancholy throughout, and Gianni’s alto voice will sound familiar to those who recognize Le Orme’s frontman Aldo Tagliapietra, especially at the time of “Uomo di Pezza”. Other references would be Alan Sorrenti’s “Aria” (minus the lengthy instrumental sections) or some of Claudio Rocchi’s work. Perhaps the somber mood was a prediction of things to come – as Gianni died from a car accident immediately following these recordings. Overall, not an album that falls comfortably under the tag of traditional Italian Progressive Rock, but for those looking for pure songwriting with sad feelings, this will be a nice addition.

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