Mike McLatchey 28-April-2001 Hyperthalamus

Dennis were a mid-70s underground rock group who released one psychy quasi-krautrock album in 1975. Sounding like it was recorded in some ancient dungeon, the four-piece album concentrates on heavily reverbed jams dominated by lots of electric piano. The first side consists of four- to seven-minute pieces that could be snippets of late-night jam sessions. They are nothing spectacular, but produce a pleasant vibe nonetheless. The long noodle that spans side 2, "Grey Present Tense," is more of the same, but at 19'37", there is more room for improvisational development. With a foundation of electric piano, the band meanders through sections of flute and Xhol-like, effected sax with an occasional dynamic change, although the music remains very dreamy and quiet. Not a lot stands out about this piece, partially because one has to play this at a pretty high volume to hear what is going on through the murky recording. And the results are sort of disappointing to say the least. File this under "mediocre jams."

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