Sjef Oellers 16-Jan-2001 De De Lind - Io Non So Da Dove

This album is an excellent mix of heavy guitar/flute based rock and more acoustic folky parts. Their sound differs from the classic Italian bands (Banco, PFM, Quella Vecchia Locanda, etc.). There are no references or musical structures that remind of classical music. De de Lind has a fairly straight rock sound reminding me, to a certain extent , of Jethro Tull or the first Osanna album, especially the heavier guitar and flute parts. Nevertheless, the album offers enough complexity, time changes, variation, etc., to call this progressive rock. Guitar and flute are the dominating instruments, keyboards (basically piano) play a minor role. Vocals are generally pleasant, but the instrumental sections dominate. If you like symphonic progressive, you probably will feel undernourished with this album, but anyone who likes guitar or flute dominated (prog)-rock like Osanna, Nu or early Jethro Tull (or even T2, early 70s Golden Earring and Wishbone Ash) should like this album.

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