Mike McLatchey 5-September-2002 Impressionen '71

Damenbart's sole album might make you immediately think that you've found some weird krautrock relic from the 70s, but the only difference is you'd be about two decades off. But the point of the title is likely the same point as the approach in that this is an album created in that spirit of unique and innovative experimental music of the time. With two side long tracks, you're basically in for the more abstract and unusual side of music, soundscapes of a mysterious nature that belies the krautrock influence in the same way that Current 93 or Nurse With Wound's music often does. There are a lot of segments that hearken back to 1971. The presence of tribal-like drumming on the first side, "Innovative Schwingugen Blumen im Haar," reminds me of the same sort of thing on Tangerine Dream's Atem, Amon Duul, or some Kosmische music label piece. However, mostly the ambience here is industrial-like with all manner of strange sample, synth or sound, combined in all sorts of undescribable ways. The hilariously titled "Bewusstseinserweiterung Marihuana Brothers" brings in more of the Kosmische hallmarks, from Gilles Sternenmadchen-like vocals on the female side to mumblings that remind me of Sergius Golowin's work on the male side. These, of course, are swamped with psychedelic effects in their usual reverby, echoey glory. In a decade where krautrock would become revered enough where many a band has literally faked a 70s album, Damenbart deliver one unabashedly admiring tribute, an effort quite a bit more successful than the usual tape the jam in the studio and call it krautrock sort of deal.

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