Sjef Oellers 4-April-2001 Riflessioni: Idea d'Infinito

Riflessioni: Idea d'Infinito has the great opening track, "Idea d'infinito", with good, dramatic vocals, lovely guitar-flute playing, and good drumming. Of the other five tracks, three are similar to early Osanna or Jethro Tull, with an emphasis on guitar-flute interplay and keyboards providing a spacey background. Done very well IMO. There is also a very nice recurring theme for flute throughout the disc. The other two tracks, "Cara Emily" and "Un Bambino, un Uomo, un Vecchio" are ballads. In the beginning, I found these two tracks to be overly sentimental Italian pop-ballads, but after repeated listens I think that they are not that bad; in fact, they add more diversity to the album. A good album with excellent vocals, guitar, flute, and drums. Short, at 29 minutes, but definitely worth having.

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