Mike McLatchey 15-September-2002 Sprite

Decidedly a throwback to late 60s rock, I only need to pull out "Ode to Vanilla Fudge" to demonstrate where Coupla Prog's heart is on this, the first of two SWF Sessions discs available by a band that never put an album out in its day. This psychedelic, R&B-informed rock is likely to sound dated, particularly in comparison to most of their contemporaries, the sort of post-beat rock that finds its way many a time on Garden of Delights' Psychedelic Gems series. This is generally well-played music, especially for a band with no album, working their way through originals and covers with, at the very least, a derivative sense of professionality. For all the long numbers here (two close to 12 minutes and a couple only a few minutes less), the music is generally song-oriented with a slight theatrical nature, similar in ways to Tommy-period Who, but with a lot more instrumental working out. In fact, a lot of the structural rhythms and changes remind me a bit of the Nice, and it's certain that Coupla Prog were listening to early classical and symphonic rock along with the beat influences. Like most of the Long Hair SWF Sessions, the sound quality is quite good, making this a fun trip back to the fertile ground of the early 70s.

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