Mike McLatchey 23-August-2002 Fluence - s/t

Beginning with an electric piano vamp that could have been off of a Magma or Weidorje album, the eponymous album by Fluence does not at all approach the language of Zeuhl, rather it stays to a cyclical electronic mode that resembles some Terry Riley. Pascal Comelade has released many a solo album, but before doing so created this little goodie with the help of Richard Pinhas and others. This 1976 release features three pieces. "A Few Reasons to Stay/A Few Reasons to Split"'s initial line begins to fade into a string patch and voices as a composite mesh emerges, a shimmering dreamy sort of piece whose elements interweave with each other and end up becoming a backdrop for a Pinhas guitar solo. "Barcelona Tango" is a bizarre, short little ditty, almost irrelevant as the first piece takes up most of the side. Side two consists of "Schizo" which continues the shimmering, cyclic electronics with guitar on top. Unsurprisingly, this could have been a piece of music from a Heldon or Pinhas solo LP, except that Comelade's methods have a much softer sheen to them than the typical harsh bite of Pinhas' solo work. Overall, a very nice piece and not a bad one for relaxing to.

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