Mike McLatchey 25-April-2001 El Tor

Lino Vairetti's Citta Frontale was originally a certain precursor to the band he is most know for, Osanna, although this album, their only one, was released more as a side project during Osanna's tenure. Citta Frontale finds a lot in common with Osanna besides Vairetti's incredible voice, including occasional progressive moments a la VDGG such as in the opening track "Alba di una Citta." However, El Tor is primarily a more song-structured album with heavily folky elements. Several moments have acoustic guitar as the primary rhythmic focus, despite the layering provider by the entire sextet. One example of this is "La Casa del Mercante "Sol"" which is almost something that could have been performed by Cat Stevens. As its basis it has the guitar, but this is overlayed with flute, synth effects and excellent vocal harmonies, and anchored by bass and drums. While this is barely a "prog" album, except for the occasional moment as mentioned above, it is still a quite excellent folky song album with embellishments that could only have been found during its time. And if you're a fan of Vairetti's voice, this is a must.

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