Mike McLatchey 18-April-2001 Fraten

This Circle is a Finnish group often classified as post-rock, another catch-all classification that usually refers to modern instrumental rock groups who bear a distinct krautrock influence. And bear the influence the band does, especially those krautrock groups with a metronomic vibe. Can seems to be Circle’s strongest musical ancestor, down to the tight and repetitive rhythms that anchor the music. Ege Bamyasi and Future Days are the Can albums of reference here, maybe an album or two before and after, and Neu!, Cluster and Kraftwerk must be mentioned as well. Circle’s pieces are repetitive rhythmically, yet provide a solid base for cyclical guitar and keyboard patterns as well as some occasional odd instruments and effects (like didgeridoo). It all makes for an enjoyable album, but certainly not a startling one. One to look out for for the Can fan.

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