Sjef Oellers 10-March-2001 Disconcerto

The band name Chainsaw Jazz says it all: a Cuneiform band playing quirky, fast-paced, jazz rock with a RIO-ish mentality has to sound like "chainsawed" jazz rock. The instrumentation consists of the standard rock instruments added with saxophone, violin and clarinet. Now and then there are more dissonant stretches. Some passages are played at breakneck speeds reminding me of Mahavishnu Orchestra or Zappa. Other sections remind me of the "epileptic" avant-garde rock of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band and the 80's albums by the Muffins (whose drummer plays on this album). Disconcerto is a decent album with several impressive passages, but it fails to hold my interest throughout the album. The problem with this album is that a whole album of very similar sounding tracks makes it hard to keep one interested, even if almost each single track on this album is good. Nevertheless, I suspect that most RIO addicts and fans of freaky fusion would enjoy this album.

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