Mike McLatchey    14-April-2001 Sono Io Il Signore Delle Terre a Nord

Despite being another modern-styled band (although hailing from the 70's), Il Castello Di Atlante have done a much better job of benefitting from their Italian forefathers than most. The addition of violin does much to remind one of Quella Vecchia Locanda (or maybe even Curved Air/Darryl Way's Wolf), in fact many great Italian bands seem to be influences here; Festa Mobile, PFM, and Zauber are a few of many. The music tends to be a bit bouncier than I like with occasionally dull drumming, but over all Vinyl Magic has provided a promising debut with Sono Io Il Signore Delle Terre A Nord (Vinyl Magic VMNP 03,CD).

(originally reviewed as part of The New Italian Progressive Rock Scene (part 1), Exposť #3, p. 6, Edited for Gnosis 4/6/01)

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