Mike McLatchey 21-August-2002 Fire Brigade

Guitarist Philippe Caillat performs an off-the-track jazz rock with a modern feel typical to the early 80s. His guitar tone remains the same throughout, a slightly flanged, clean sound that reminds me varyingly of Pat Metheny or maybe Uppsala's Philippe Cauvin. On the album's nine tracks, he performs a fusion that is both predictable in the general style that it takes (any of the guitarist-led ECM albums from around the same time act as good pointers) and unpredictable in his playing, phrasing and his choice of notes. Nothing is particularly stand-out about the record, neither melodies nor dynamics leave anything to remember. As a player, his technique is professional, although the lack of tonal variation over the duration of the album leaves the entirety sounding too homogenous. Perhaps a fan of guitar fusion might find this of interest. I found it to be no more than an interesting diversion.

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