Sjef Oellers 16-Jan-2001 Buon Vecchio Charlie - same

Their single album from 1971 contains three long tracks. The 14-minute first track is a cover of a part of Grieg's Peer Gynt, sounding like the German rock/jazz fusion bands (Virus, Murphy Blend, Ikarus, etc.) with a lot of guitar/organ/flute jamming. The 7-minute second track is in a more typically Italian acoustic folk style, including some nice flute playing. The last track (at 16 minutes) is a synthesis of their quiet folky and heavy rock/fusion elements, but sounds definitely like 70s Italian progressive. It starts out quietly in a folky style similar to the second track, but after a few minutes the first grandiose symphonic outburst occurs with flute/guitar/Hammond/saxophone interplay. A longer jamming part with the four above-mentioned instruments follows. The constant change between quiet folky and heavy symphonic continues, but in a varied and interesting way. It is the best track on the album. Overall Buon Vecchio Charlie sounds similar to PFM in the folkier parts and more like Il Giro Strano in the heavier parts, but less aggressive and more refined than the latter band. The album is mostly instrumental, but the vocals are pleasant. One of the better, very early (pre-Banco/PFM debut albums) Italian prog albums.

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