Eric Lumbleau    3-Novermber-2001 Brast Burn

Rescued from high dollar collector scum oblivion by the good folks at Paradigm Discs, this lost late 70s Japanese masterpiece consists of an intricate concatenation of cascading sleighbells and hand drums, windswept Himalayan acid atmospherics, bottleneck acoustic guitar twiddle and Damo Suzuki-like mantric babble, all held aloft by a synthesist with a terminal case of the pitchwheel woozies and strategically embellished with periodic outbursts of tumbling bass drums, spiraling flutes and recorders and some exquisitely hallucinogenic electric guitar. Coming on like some sort of eternal cosmic caravan, the whole damn thing is just completely soaked in a higher key-three sheets to the wind-music of the spheres vibe. Yes, Brast Burn are indeed the real goods, and will effortlessly suck you into a full blown hypnogogic reverie inside of the first minute.

Together with the simultaneously reissued Karuna Khyall (whose lineup overlaps with Brast Burn's), Debon represents one of the loftiest peaks of occidental acid sonics, as all who have basked in their astral glow can heartily attest.

(Originally published in Alternative Press #133, p.68; reprinted by permission)

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