Eric Lumbleau    3-November-2001 Super ae

Miles from the polymorphous piņata of alien artifacts and genre fucking juxtapositions that comprised their landmark release Chocolate Synthesizer and only vestigially tied to the aesthetic properties of their preceeding record, 1996's Super Roots 6 (which operated on the premise that if enough scrappy odds and ends are thrown through gratuitous phasing something would inevitably stick), this new Boredoms disc seems hell-bent on proffering the thesis that consistency truly is the bugaboo of small minds.

Aside from a few intermittent interludes of digital recorder malarkey, the burlesque lexicon of discontinuous lunacy that informed their previous outings has largely given way to an expansive, mantric and frequently pummeling form of acid psych whose matrix originates at the intersecting point where Guru Guru's "Next Time See You At The Dalai Lama" gets sucked into a whirlpool of feedbacking Sonic Youth guitar sludge, bled through a scrim of freeform freakouts from The Red Crayola's Parable Of Arable Land and subsequently fed to the Butthole Surfers' "O Men".

With vocalist Eye Yamantaka trading in his demented monkey retardation in favor of Damo Suzuki recitation, this unexpected, exhilarating foray could almost land them an opening slot on Nick Turner's Space Ritual. Not to be missed.

(Originally published in Alternative Press #129, p.67; reprinted by permission)

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