Mike McLatchey 22-August-2002 Atmospheres and Melodies Inspired by the Paintings of H. R. Giger

This bizzarity with the cumbersome title was originally released by the conglomerate of Audion/Ultima Thule/Auricle, and if I'm not mistaken, this was sort of a side step from Alto Stratus, which is a long-running experimental project of the brothers Freeman, the minds behind all these activities. The title explains the album's conceptual focus, and the music reflects these dark Giger-ian paintings with an equally dark, sparse and terrifying blend of electronics. The French project Pandemonium comes to mind as a reference, or maybe some of the darkest moments in Heldon's music. This is a piece where you'll be fighting with your volume, as the low points are almost inaudible, while the high ones are likely to shock you out of your chair. The album is made up of a group of shorts, all reflecting various Giger paintings, yet with the low volume it's often difficult to tell where one piece ends and another begins, giving it an illusion of being one or two long tracks. Electronically this is neat stuff, along the lines of Conrad Schnitzler or even Lightwave's more experimental moments, with all kinds of bleeping electronics and waves of effected white noise. One might consider this sort of thing industrial, but that would not give witness to the type of diversity of tonal manipulations going on here. If you're in the mood for dark, abstract and foreboding electronics, this will definitely fit the bill. It's actually too bad word on this one hasn't spread more, it's one of the more interesting albums of its kind.

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