Sjef Oellers 13-May-2001 Bitter Funeral Beer

Bengt Berger was one of the members of the fantastic Swedish band Archimedes Badkar. On Bitter Funeral Beer, Berger expands on the music of Archimedes Badkar, but he concentrates especially on the integration of African ethnic music and jazz. Don Cherry guests on trumpet on Bitter Funeral Beer. The first track is based on African funeral music and features moaning voices of women in a village in Ghana. The music is carried by a grave beat that is slowly accompanied by a "mourning" trumpet sound. Beautiful track with a very effective use of instruments and voices. Next there is a short track that almost completely focuses on percussion. The other three tracks including the superb 22 minute "Darafo" feature a typical mix of African ethnic music and jazz, often with repetitive and overlayering sequences of "spiralling" reeds (imagine a jazzy and more lively Terry Riley that is fuelled by African percussion). An excellent album.

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